UPDATE: Following are two links to Fox’s advertisers. It includes contact links. I am contacting the biggies like BMW and Yahoo, etc. to let them know I am boycotting Fox. I may contact them all. If you can, please do the same. It is the best way to get the message to Fox concerning its “unfair and unbalanced” coverage. You can copy your message and paste it into the contact block. Pretty easy. Not all links are accessible. The source is working on that. Links….

Fox News sponsors A-L

Fox News sponsors M-Z

Sample message to sponsors. Feel free to use it. Simply cut and paste into the sponsor’s contact block…. Your company advertises on Fox News, which I am boycotting due to their shameless hatchet job on Donald Trump during the first GOP presidential debate. Thus, I am also boycotting your products.

UPDATE: Scratch CNN. I gave it a trial run this morning. Horrible! I am looking for a news headline banner that runs across my computer screen. Anyone know of one? I am done with Fox, and CNN is not an option. I will rely strictly on the interwebs for my news, which is where I get the majority already anyway.

By Thomas Madison

The first GOP presidential debate wound up being little more than a Donald Trump bashfest. Trump’s fellow Republicans have been slamming The Donald at every opportunity for the past couple of weeks, only to watch their own poll numbers suffer as a result. Good!

Now, Fox News, which heretofore has feigned objectivity, has now not-so-subtly joined out-of-touch Trump-hating pundits, like rodeo clown Charles Krauthammer, who looks more like a Nazi concentration camp commander than a political commentator, or at least like Mengele’s inspiration.

Fox is not the same Fox I thought I knew. Their agenda is now crystal clear – KILL TRUMP! Fox’s bushwacking hatchet job on The Donald was inexcusable. Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly, and Chris Wallace are jokes, and not very funny ones. It was ironic and funny to watch Fox confirm Trump’s longstanding charge that the media is nothing more than a collection of partisan whores. And that includes Fox.

As a result, and especially out of a sense of fairness, I am boycotting Fox forthwith, and encourage all who read this to do the same. At the end of the debate I switched to CNN, and found them to be much more fair and balanced.

I will NEVER watch Fox again!