Yep! It ain’t rocket science, folks. All any president had to do was ditch the political correctness and enforce the existing law, and President Trump is doing exactly that!

Ted Cruz announced at CPAC on Thursday that illegal border crossings have dropped 50 percent since President Trump’s inauguration.

Cruz was greeted to applause Thursday as he took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he broke immigration news from the Texas border, reported The Blaze.

Joined onstage by conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin, Cruz told the audience that he had some breaking news from the Rio Grande section of the southern border.

“Since Inauguration Day, illegal crossings have dropped 50 percent [in the Rio Grande section of the border],” he said, as the audience broke out in applause and cheers. Cruz mentioned that he had gone on a ride-along on a midnight patrol of the area and that a border patrol agent had given him the information about the drop in crossing attempts.

“Oddly enough, you and I have not seen that on 6 o’clock news,” he added.

Cruz said Border Patrol agents theorized that illegal crossing attempts had dropped because the people who were making the attempts realized that the United States had elected leadership that would finally enforce the law. (Relevant portion begins at about the 20:30 mark below.)