By Matthew Burke, TPNN

Democrat U.S. Senator Robert Menendez from New Jersey blasted Obama’s normalization of relations with the brutal communist Castro regime in Cuba following the announcement.

Menendez, normally a rubber stamp for the dictatorial Obama, and the outgoing Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, is one of three Latinos in the Senate who is also of Cuban ancestry, along with Republicans Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

“I think it stinks,” Menendez, a son of Cuban immigrants said. “I think it’s wrong. I am deeply disappointed in the president,” he said in disgust.

Obama, unlike prior American presidents, has not gone on record as opposing communism or even condemning the repressive governmental system that is totalitarian in nature and eventually leads to mass murder, starvation and extreme poverty, as well as stripping individuals of basic human rights.

Obama, who Marco Rubio referred to as probably the worse negotiator in United States history, exchanged the release of three convicted Cuban spies convicted of conspiracy to commit murder of Cuban exiles in Miami, while acting as agents of a foreign government.

In return for the release of the Castro criminal operatives, Cuba agreed to the release of Alan Gross, a U.S. contractor imprisoned five years ago for trying to deliver electronic communications equipment to the people of Cuba.

Additionally, Obama gave the communist regime normalized relations with a country the State Department has deemed to be a sponsor of terrorism.

“Its a reward that a totalitarian regime does not deserve,” Menendez said. “I reject the notion that somehow it is the United States that has created hardship on the Cuban people,” he continued.

Both Republicans Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have reacted with similar sharp criticism to the Obama action.

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