A black activist group is crediting President Trump’s economic policies with the historic drop in black unemployment, according to the National Center for Public Policy Research.

The black unemployment rate has fallen to a 17-year low, from 16.8% under the regime of Barack Hussein in March, 2010 to its current 6.8% under President Trump.

Just after President Trump was elected the black unemployment rate had dropped to 7.4% in December, 2016. Over the past year, the black unemployment rate has fallen to 6.8% in December, 2017, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As a result, President Trump’s approval numbers among blacks have doubled since the election. Clearly, jobs matter!

According to exit polling, President Trump received 13% of the vote among black men and 4% among black women in the 2016 presidential election.

Today, President Trump’s approval among black men is 23%, and 11% among black women. That is stunning!