Americans wonder why foreigners consider them fat, lazy, uncouth, selfish, boorish, violent thugs. You need look no further than videos of an American tradition, Black Friday. Sickening!

It’s become an unfortunate American tradition of late, declares BizPac Review.

No, not talking about the annual practice of carving up turkeys to engage in familial sup around the old oaken dinner table, but the borderline insane practice of Black Friday shopping.

(That “borderline” is for anyone in the audience that engages in the barbaric practice of fighting off fellow citizens gladiator style for 70% off probably defective television sets or for matching wool holiday socks with creepy elves giggling on them. You know the ones.)

Out of Alabama comes shocking video — well, shocking if you’ve been on another planet for the last few decades — that shows combatants being arrested at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover.

WBRCgave the latest update:

Several officers responded to reports of early morning Black Friday fights at the Riverchase Galleria.

No arrests were made, but Hoover police say that an undetermined amount of people were detained pending warrants.

At least 10-15 Hoover police officers responded.

The news channel gave a brief description of the fight and the “mass chaos” that ensued:

One fight, which occurred near the mall’s Buckle location was not related to Black Friday sales, according to a news release from the Hoover Police Department.

Responding officers separated two juvenile females as a group of bystanders watched. Police say the altercation stemmed from a personal issue. Both girls were treated for minor injuries and no arrests were made. Footage of the fight made its way to social media and can be seen below.

And apparently there was a second fight, sparked by a shoe flying over the railing and striking a baby. As reported byWVTM 13:

Jackie Robinson was shopping at the mall Thanksgiving night and witnessed the fight. She said she saw two women fighting in Buckle. In the midst of the fight, she said she saw a shoe fly over the railing and hit a baby on the first level. According to Robinson, that started a second fight.

Happy shopping, America! Don’t forget to take a helmet.