There is one thing I am really going to miss about the administration of Barack Hussein. Crazy Uncle Joe Biden.

A guaranteed gaffe a minute, our Veep has been a barrel of laughs for eight years. From demanding that a disabled man in a wheelchair stand up so the the audience can hear him to racist comments like telling a black audience that the Republicans are going to put them back in chains to declaring that you can’t walk into a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts without a slight Indian accent to his many cases of getting a little too intimate with female strangers (second video, below) to his suggestion, very counter to the gun haters in his party, that citizens should buy shotguns for defense (Buy a Shotgun song, second third video, below), it has been a hoot.

Watch Crazy Uncle Joe get all emotional as his pal and lame duck President Barack Hussein, surprises him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which he also awarded to himself.

Vice-President Touchy Feely, doing what he does best, below….

While liberals were demanding citizens’ guns, Uncle Joe was suggesting people buy shotguns, a statement that was cleverly put to music….