Steaming pile of liberal waste product, Bethlehem Shoals, is what passes for a writer at GQ. Watching the mother of murdered Benghazi hero, Sean Smith, speak at the GOP National Convention last night, he took the time to tweet what would certainly be charged as “terroristic threatening” were he a conservative. Referring to Sean Smith’s mother, Pat Smith, Shoals tweeted that he “would like to beat her to death.”

That’s the way liberals roll. We all know that. Bethlehem “Scumbag” Shoals should be fired, arrested, and prosecuted for this. Instead, what you will hear from the lamestream media is, “Nothing to see here folks. Move along.”

By the way, according to Wikipedia, Shoals’ real name is Nathaniel Friedman. Isn’t it weird how Jews love and protect the likes of Hitlery Clinton who hates Jews. I’ve never been able to wrap my head around that.

Then the dirtbag pretended to apologize for his behavior and beg forgiveness….

An Apology for Last Night’s Tweet

“Last night, when Pat Smith was speaking onstage at the Republication National Convention, I tweeted that “no matter how many children she’s lost, I’d like to beat her to death.” That’s what I said, and I accept full responsibility for my actions and their consequences.

Why did I do it? It certainly wasn’t intended as a literal threat on a woman’s life. If anything, it was an extremely ill-advised attempt at satirizing the overall climate of the RNC. But with that kind of hateful language, an explanation just turns into rationalization.

I certainly didn’t help the situation by getting defensive and suggesting that Twitter, vile as it can be, is already a hotbed for this kind of discourse, or by arguing that my track record and reputation as a writer could provide any exculpatory context. Because what matters is that I said it. And I wish I could take it back.

Under no circumstances is it okay to invoke violence against women. As outraged as I was by parts of Pat Smith’s speech, to use this kind of language as a means of expressing that feeling was completely out of bounds. I also completely understand how, regardless of my intent, it was extremely triggering for a lot of people. And for that I am genuinely sorry.

I’ve also heard a lot this morning from people on the other side of the political spectrum. While I may disagree with these people on a number of matters, I know that what I wrote is utterly indefensible. The last thing this country needs is statements that make the climate even more toxic and divisive.

I generally believe the world to be a messy, confusing place. But in this case, there’s no ambiguity about it: I fucked up and should have just owned that. I’ve learned my lesson and at this point all I can do is reiterate that I’m sorry and promise to do better in the future.”

Translation: “Oh, shit! I’m about to lose my job over this. I’m backpedaling like a mo!”