So, Trump-hater Ben Shapiro took to Twitter to tell the world all about the predictable demographics of Trump voters and to psychoanalyze the new Roseanne sitcom in an effort to educate us all on how the two are compatible. Of course, he, Shapiro, is the ultimate authority on both Trump voters and Hollywood sitcoms.

“The who premise of ‘Roseanne’ is that this pro-abortion, pro-LGBT woman who is happy to watch her grandson wear girls’ clothing voted Trump,” tweeted Shapiro, “because she’s blue collar. That isn’t an accurate depiction of Trump voters.”

As though Shapiro would know what an accurate depiction of a Trump voter is, his presumption being, apparently, that pro-abortion, pro-LGBT women are open-minded, so no way could they be Trump voters who are anything but open-minded. What a steaming pile!

Then, Shapiro really unloads, informing the world that the new Roseanne show is “actually a Hollywood fantasy of what Trump voters are: people who agree with Hollywood elites on values, but just disagree on economics because they’re old white factory workers.”

Could anyone be any more wrong and out-of-touch?