By Thomas Madison

Photo, above: Throng of Muslim “migrants” invading Budapest, Hungary. How many women and children can you count in this group of “migrants?”

From Wes Walker, Clash Daily

Nearly five hundred years ago, an invading army was successfully repulsed from the city it had besieged. That city was Vienna. The invaders were the Ottoman Empire.

That was the high-water mark for European territorial gain under Islam. Until now.

Today, in the news, you see a wave of humanity pouring into Europe. We’ve been told to call them migrants, or immigrants. But the fact remains that they consist mainly of healthy males of fighting age. There is a shocking absence of women, children, elderly and infirm in this crowd of “refugees” taking Europe by storm.

Seeing this enormous group spilling out into Europe is concerning enough, but seeing the violence and total disregard for people and property along the way? It’s alarming.

Citizens in the receiving countries are getting nervous.

When the local news reports statements uttered by the newcomers like “we will cut the heads off unbelieving dogs even in Europe”, can we really blame them for getting nervous?

So how have they responded? In terms that even Progressives might understand: “Self-empowerment”.

In plain English? The Austrians are not leaving responsibility for their personal safety in the hands of the police. They have cleaned out the gun stores.

We don’t have to look further than our own backyard to know how quickly mobs can get out of hand, and how the police can’t be everywhere at once.

So the Austrians aren’t leaving this up to chance. They are arming themselves. They are taking direct ownership of their personal safety.

But, since they were not already an armed society (like, say Switzerland), they needed to buy arms.

Not surprisingly, the guns ran out. (So did pepper spray.) They’ve been sold out for 3 weeks. (This is why, as a general rule, you don’t wait until an emergency happens before you begin collecting the necessary supplies.)

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