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We published this story over two months ago. I was shocked then that readers were not more enraged by the fact that one of our two major presidential candidates is a director of a company that has been funding ISIS. I honestly thought it would be a viral story.

I reckoned that there is so much news involving the Wicked Witch of Benghazi and her slimy connections that folks are yawning at the most blockbuster news. She can literally do anything and the press ignores it and it therefor becomes news only in the alternative media, sites like Powdered Wig.

Sad. The country should be up in arms over this. Twenty million patriots with pitchforks and torches! Drive the scum out!

Now that WikiLeaks is on this, maybe we can get the word out to anyone still on the fence about who to vote for. Here is a link to our original article two months ago…. Hitlery in bed with ISIS

From Before It’s News

WikiLeaks reported Tuesday morning that they would be releasing new documents every week leading up to the November 8th election.

With that, they have yet to actually deliver the major blow to the Clinton campaign as they promised, but they have released a document file covering a shady corporate firm in Paris, France that is linked to both Hillary Clinton and ISIS.

Paris struck a partnership with French industrial giant, Lafarge, which has now been exploited for funding ISIS for profit.

Documents indicate that Lafarge paid taxes to ISIS so that they can operate its cement plant in Syria, and they even bought oil from ISIS for many years.

WikiLeaks Confirms Hillary Sat On The Board That Funded ISIS

WikiLeaks Confirms Hillary Sat On The Board That Funded ISIS

Hillary Clinton has been connected to Lafarge for decades. She sat on the Board of Directors and conducted legal business dating back to the 1980’s. She is well in tune with this terrorist sponsor, and she helped build them into what they are today.

In fact, Hillary’s connection to connection to Lafarge was exploited when the firm was implicated in facilitating a CIA-backed covert arms export network to Saddam Hussein.

In 2013, Lafarge’s Executive Vice President for Operations, Eric Olson, was a “featured attendee” at the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual meeting.

Lafarge also frequently donates to the Clinton Foundation, including $100,000 2015. Lafarge is also listed again as a donor to the Clinton Foundation for the first quarter of 2016.

Lafarge has a major connection to Iraq and Saddam Hussein, too, at the behest of Hillary Clinton.

They remain a major beneficiary of disaster capitalism in Iraq, dominating a market where Iraq’s infrastructure remains in dire need of hundreds of billions of dollars in investment. Hillary set this apparatus up.
The firm is not just an economic juggernaut. They are connected to the intelligence community, too. Hillary demanded Lafarge invest in oil in the early 2000’s, and when they followed their orders, they began to buy oil from shady rebel groups.

Lafarge also allowed rebel groups to run other operations and businesses for them, such as their cement industry. In doing so, they funded major portions of ISIS.

So, when Donald Trump says that she is the co-founder of ISIS, he is absolutely correct. WikiLeaks documents prove she sat on the Board that directed millions of dollars to ISIS. What other examples would someone need to prove she help found ISIS?

Hillary has created partnerships with dozens of other terrorist sponsors, too. When she was Secretary of State, a majority of her highest donors came from Muslim countries that fund and sponsor terrorism.

THIS Is Who Hillary Clinton Works For

THIS Is Who Hillary Clinton Works For

An investigative report by the French daily Le Monde revealed in June of 2016 that Lafrage, the world’s leader in construction materials, had also paid taxes to ISIS middlemen, as well as other armed groups in Syria, to protect its cement business operations in the country while Hillary was Secretary of State.

It is also important to remember that ISIS attacked Paris, France in 2015. They set off bombs that killed 130 people and injured 368. Lafarge literally funded a group that carried out a major terrorist attack against them and their city.

Consider all of this: Hillary actually sat on the Board that funded ISIS, and WikiLeaks has just proven that. Now, the bigger concern is what happens next.

Her global takeover is making its way to the United States. Hillary has promoted so many terrorist organizations for personal gain, they are all trying to infiltrate the United States now.

Other countries are also pushing her to do more for Muslims. They are demanding Hillary allow more refugees into the United States in return for them funding her campaign and foundation. Why else has she called for more than 110,000 refugees annually?

We cannot sit around any longer. We must continue to ask questions, and expose this woman for the corrupt fraud she is. If we all do not rise up and win this election, we will never be the land of the free and home of the brave again.

She will strip this country of everything that made it great. Do your part, and we can take down the Clinton Cartel for good.

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