Following is an essay from an Army veteran regarding the open disrespect by NFL players to our country. I agree on all points!

Thank-you Mr. President, you spoke the blunt truth, regardless of the political views and taboo subjects.  You have provided the American people with a pathway to stand UNITED WITH OUR PRESIDENT and to take a stand against the corruption and those who wish to destroy our nation!  I choose to stand with honor and valor, alongside our President and BOYCOTT the NFL and every single person and groups who have the hate and violence in their hearts that wish to destroy our nation and heritage.

Our President straight up called out the NFL and Owners for destroying the game and the spoiled brats throwing temper tantrums by disrespecting our nation, our flag, our people and our heritage. He then stated it would be nice if an owner fired any player in their team that chose to do so.

These trashbags should be fired and have their pay stripped, with 0 hesitation and 0 legal recourse by the player.  No player in a national sport should ever be so shallow and selfish as to shit on the very people who are paying them and making their dreams come true.

People struggle to live pay check-to-pay check, people live lives of silent desperation and for some, life is nothing but brutal and they can’t afford much in food yet alone a nice vehicle, medical care, clothes, school, housing and the extremely over inflated corrupt utility bills.  While some leech off of the government and taxpayers, a lot do not or cannot get the same government assistance as those who drain it for their own selfish desires while others suffer.

These athletes play a sport that grants them an opportunity to earn millions and live out a dream and lifestyle a huge majority will never know and all the average person wants is to turn on the TV and watch their favorite sports, to escape their shit sandwich, just for a few hours.

Yet these selfish, self-inflated babies believe their lives are above the “common people” of the United States.  They believe they are greater and are entitled to more as well as above the same laws as the public.  They believe that their popularity and “talent” grants them immunity to common laws and allows them to do as they please with very little accountability.

The NFL in itself is governed by those who hold the Democratic beliefs as well as anti-American beliefs very close.  They allow players to celebrate LEO being shot and killed, players protesting LEO, players openly backing BLM, Black Panthers, Antifa as well as players who are racist against white people and loathe the very core of the nation they represent while playing a sport.

The NFL and TV stations allow their employees to come out openly for BLM and stand against our President and any who stand with him.

Let me make this as clear as glass, these scumbags are not above any other person, their money and their talents do not entitle them to anything.  I find it gut wrenchingly pathetic that these disgraceful people do not care about their nation, the people, the heritage of America and most importantly, the men and women who serve to protect this nation and those who have fallen while doing so.

Businesses do not allow their employees to openly protest and use their company to perpetuate their selfish and hateful beliefs.  Why is the NFL above the same exact laws and regulations that you and I are held to?  Why do we tolerate it?  The NFL is not above the laws of the United States of America nor are any of their athletes, this is the message the President was conveying.

Just because you have a right to do so, does not make it right to do.  In today’s society people are abusing these rights to destroy our heritage and our identity as a nation.  Yet as they abuse these rights they neglect and ignore why they have these rights and those who died to provide them these rights.

This nation is out of control and eating itself alive, everything from tolerance of violent and hateful racist groups like BLM, Antifa and NBP, to destruction of historic statues.  Now the NFL has become a political stage for puppets to carry out their masters biddings.

We suffer, what we tolerate and I for one, am sick and tired of suffering at the hands of these evil people.  We are told to sit idle while our nation burns and are subject to legal action if we stand.  Yet these clowns are not held to the same laws and recourse as they light the fires and spread the hate and violence.

Now, a lot of people have turned this into a racial issue, which by the way, makes YOU part of the problem. The POTUS never stated any color or used any racial terms. So it’s the hate in your own heart that has chose to see this as a racial issue.

The NFL came out against the POTUS and gave a pathetic banter about how they came together to help people during the hurricanes.  A complete and utter pathetic excuse of lies and deplorable attempt to manipulate the American public.  The NFL uses the Red Cross, which scams people out of their hard earned money and only donates $0.06 per dollar donated to the actual victims. 

The NFL also allowed the selfish trash to still disrespect our nation an the people while these hurricanes destroyed lives.  It was JJ Watt who started his own fund raiser to help the people, because he knew the Red Cross was a den of thieves.

It is time to boycott the NFL at the highest of levels and STAND UNITED WITH OUR PRESIDENT AND TAKE BACK OUR NATION!  Let go of your own desires and become bold and make a difference, together we can send a clear and decisive message to the NFL and these anti-American scumbags.  But only if people let go of their own desires and unite with our PRESIDENT.

It is this simple, if a person desires to protest then they must do so outside of their “job” and on their own personal time.

Other nationalities just refuse to see that white Americans are not racist as a “people” and the real racism is actually being culturally taught and guess what, that makes them the haters and they spew the racism. They are the puppets for the puppet masters and they are too blinded by hate to see the true power that scares the puppet masters. UNITY 

If you still support the NFL, that’s on you and you need to do some self reflection on what truly matters to you.  If you stand with these trash players and the NFL, then you are part of the problem. We cannot come up with excuses and give passes simply because we desire or we love football, be accountable and make a stand regardless of your own desires.