By Thomas Madison

Another cop killing, this time in Kentucky.

Rookie State Trooper, Joseph Ponder, was gunned down by Florissant, Missouri resident, Joseph Johnson-Shanks, late Sunday night, after a nine-mile car chase, when Johnson-Shanks stopped abruptly and opened fire on the Trooper’s cruiser, mortally wounding him. Trooper Ponder died later at the hospital.

Johnson-Shanks then fled the scene. He was found early Monday morning, armed with a firearm, in a nearby wooded area, and ordered to drop his weapon and surrender. He refused and pointed the weapon at one of the officers, and was shot, surviving, but dying later at a local hospital.

The irony is that the cop killer’s hometown of Florissant, Missouri is adjacent to Ferguson.

From St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“A social media site that appears to be Johnson-Shanks’ features a photo collage of Martin Luther King, Malcom X and Michael Brown. He reposted photos of memorial sites for Michael Brown and others killed by police, asking ‘Why is it taking so long to arrest those officers.'”