H/T News Wolf

This is funny and sad and a typically total screw up by SNAFU CNN.

CNN correspondent Reza Aslan was forced to eat human brain tissue with a group of cannibals in India after one of them got teed off about Aslan talking so much.

Aslan was filming an episode of his series, Believer, featuring the Aghori, an extreme Hindu sect who practice cannibalism.

Aslan met the Aghori in the holy Hindu city of Varanasi, where they smeared the ashes of cremated human bodies on his face.

Not the most affable cannibal in the jungle, the Aghori guru became irritated at Aslan’s questions, and screamed, “I will cut your head off if you keep talking so much.” The guru then began eating his own feces while throwing more at Aslan.

A visibly shaken Aslan muttered to his crew, “I feel like this may have been a mistake.” He then drank an alcoholic drink from a human skull, before eating what he was told was human brain.

Moral of the story: Never say “eat me” to an Aghori.