By Thomas Madison

No matter what else you think of the recent killing of LaVoy Finicum in Oregon, please explain to me what he did that justifies being shot to death.

A few of the people I communicate with on this incident believe it is simply an overreaction by trigger-happy cops. At best. Some believe that it was a classic standoff of law enforcement officials against rogue outlaws. Rogue outlaws? You mean like our founding fathers? But the majority believe it is another step toward complete totalitarianism. Given the circumstances, it is hard to argue with the latter.

First of all, what probable cause did the FBI and state police have to stop these people from freely and legally traveling down the highway? None! So, they set up a road block for what reason?

In the video, below, you can see LaVoy Finicum coming out of the vehicle first, hands clearly raised in the air in a gesture of surrender. Then, BOOM! he is shot six times, three times when he was on the ground, according to reports I have read.