By Thomas Madison

Great! So one of the unfortunate souls we refer to as Syrian refugees escaped Louisiana and disappeared into the countryside.

He has been found in Washington, DC. Imagine that! I’m sure he just wanted to catch a Skins game or browse the Smithsonian, maybe enjoy a beer summit with Barack Hussein.

Upon further investigation it has been discovered that this poor underprivileged Muslim refugee was a terrorist as recently as 2013 working for the al-Nusra Front, one of the better organized Islamic terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

I’m so glad that I can sleep comfortably at night knowing that Barack Hussein is protecting me and my family from these depraved demons.

From The PC Graveyard

A Syrian refugee who was brought into Louisiana by Barack Mohammad Hussein Obama, went missing just two days after arriving in the United States.  The state of Louisiana was able to track him without any help from the Obama caliphate.  They traced him to Washington D.C., a city that Jeh Johnson and Obama don’t plan on settling any Syrian refugees in.  My guess is they were able to trace him thanks to his use of the EBT card they get as soon as they get off the boat.  Other than terror, why would a refugee leave Louisiana, that was providing him with food and shelter, and head out to D.C.?

syrian refugee 3.1

Barack Obama has said that republicans are afraid of widows and children because of their opposition to bringing terrorists into the country.  This refugee is a male.  He is neither a widow or a child, so unless Barack P.O.S. Obama is saying he is only bringing in widows and children, he is a cheap, two bit liar.  He made that lie even after we found out that at least one of the Paris terrorists was a refugee taken in by Greece.

On Wednesday, we learned exactly what is the vetting process for refugees coming to this country.  Number one, they must fill out an application.  Since Syria keeps no data base of their citizens, so the refugees can put down they are the illegitimate child of Mother Teresa and Mr Rogers and the government will accept that.  Once they are done with that, there is an interview:

Q:  Are you a terrorist?

A:  No.

Q:  Have you ever committed an act of terrorism?

A:  Not yet.

Welcome to America.  Here is $500 in cash, and EBT card, the key to your new apartment and your food stamps.  Is there anything else I can help you with?

Yes.  Where can I buy 500 pounds of fertilizer and rent a truck?

No problem. Let me call you a cab.  Our treat.

Why the refugee went to Washington, if known, has not been released.