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Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos, pending prosecution, looks like a leftist plant! He tried several times to convince Trump to meet with Russians

Is anyone else seeing a resemblance to Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian attorney who arranged a meeting with Donald Trump, Jr. under the very same false pretenses, the promise of dirt on Hitlery? I am certain she was a leftist plant.

More dangerous than the Manafort indictment to President Trump is this relatively unpublicized arrest and plea bargain of a former Trump advisor

What hasn’t been blasted all over the airwaves and print media is a legal situation that appears to be far more dangerous for President Trump than the Manafort indictment involving the arrest and plea bargain of former Trump advisor George Papadopoulos.

Mueller has placed the first charges in the Trump/Russia collusion case. Arrests could happen as early as Monday

I believe this signals that Mueller is running a little scared. He knows he is implicated in the coverup of Hitlery’s REAL Russian collusion scheme, Uranium One, which is nothing less than treasonous, and he aims to deflect attention away from that case and his own involvement.

WikiLeaks BOMBSHELL! The Barack Hussein administration gave Russia stolen highly enriched uranium in 2009. Guess who personally made the delivery

Mueller must have had a hard time keeping a straight face when asked to accept the appointment as Special Counsel to investigate President Trump for Russian collusion, which so far has turned up NOTHING except the one time in 2013 when private citizen Trump ordered Russian dressing for his salad.

BOMBSHELL! FBI sat on evidence implicating the Clintons in the Russian/uranium bribery scheme. One conspirator in prison already

Evidence involving the Russian/Uranium One scandal was withheld or kept quiet, ostensibly to protect high profile politicians tied to the criminal conspiracy.

HUGE! Jailed Russian hacker claims he refused FBI bribe of freedom, citizenship, an apartment, and money to help frame Trump

“You will have to declare that you have broken Hillory Clinton’s mailbox for D. Trump on the orders of V. Putin, you must agree to extradition to the USA, here we will remove all the charges we will give you Apartment and money, American citizenship.”

VIDEO: This appears to be the speech that finally put to rest the Russian collusion fairy tale

The Russian fairy tale has finally reached The End. I hope I’m not premature in saying that and some snoop doesn’t find yet an empty bottle of Russian salad dressing in the White House trash and the fairy tale survives yet another week.

Team Trump is on a scavenger hunt, searching for dirt on Mueller’s predominantly leftist army of investigators

President Trump’s lawyers and aides are scouring the professional and political backgrounds of investigators hired by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Bill Clinton lackey admits that he was sent by Clinton to Russia “to meddle in their election” in 1994

“Caputo’s history in Russia dates to 1994…. “I was sent there by the Clinton administration to meddle in their elections.”

Former CA radical Democrat congressman worked for Russian lawyer who set up Trump, Jr. Her tangled web is full of partisan Democrats

The tangled web of Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya is being unwoven, strand by strand, and it is full of foaming-at-the-mouth partisan Democrats.

Veselnitskaya is chummy with Trump-haters, even marched at Trump protests. So, was she really trying to help Trump campaign? Sure she was!

I hope Jeff Sessions is all over this. I don’t think it would be very difficult to get to the truth. We know who the players are. Now, we just have to find out who sent them, as if it isn’t obvious!

VIDEO – Alan Dershowitz: Don Trump committed no crime even if Democrats’ best hopes are true, and they aren’t

Even IF Don Trump, Jr. is guilty of what the foaming-at-the-mouth liberal weenies are accusing him of, and there is ZERO evidence of that, he committed no crime.

Well, well, check it out! Russian attorney who met with Trump Jr. met with Obama’s Ambassador to Russia 8 days later. Why?

Fast forward a year and the Democrats are firing what I hope is their last pitiful bullet, one last ditch effort to join Trump and Putin at the hip. They have NOTHING here.

New evidence exonerates Trump and Russia! DNC hacking appears to be an inside job (Seth Rich?), making actions of the DNC very suspicious

Now the real story is coming out and it does not look good for the Democrat Party, which I have been saying for a year is dead. They just don’t know it yet.

Pro-Trump billboard in Texas drawing a lot of attention. Check it out….

Most of us simply shake our heads at the foolishness and move on with our lives. Not this guy! Kyle Courtney of Boerne, Texas is letting the world know how he feels about the Democrat circus.

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