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No whites allowed at Boston Black Lives Matter meeting to discuss police shooting of black career criminal, who shot cop in the face

By Thomas Madison Proving that civil rights is a one-way street in America, The Black Lives Matter organization is meeting in Boston to discuss the deadly police shooting of black career criminal, Angelo West, who shot Boston police officer John […]

Black lives are apparently the ONLY lives that matter in Chicago, as white students are not allowed to attend “Black Lives Matter” event.

By Thomas Madison Oak Park and River Forest is a Chicago area high school that is majority white (55% white, 27% black, the balance being hispanic, multi-racial and Asian). The principal, Nathaniel Rouse, is black. Principal Rouse organized a “Black […]

LOL! Blacks get noses out of joint, scream discrimination, prejudice, over New Jersey deli owner’s “White History Month” sign.

Photo, above: Jim Boggess of Jimbo’s Deli exercises his right to express himself By Rick Epstein, Hunterdon County Democrat, via FLEMINGTON — The sign in the deli window says, “CELEBRATE YOUR WHITE HERITAGE IN MARCH, WHITE HISTORY MONTH.” Jim […]

Video: WOW! Copying the real “Brownie” organization, the “Radical Brownies” teach racial hatred to young, impressionable girls of color

By Thomas Madison Remember when being a Brownie was all about sewing and baking and socializing with other young girls, and selling cookies door-to-door in the community? Now there is a new Brownie organization in the San Francisco/Oakland area called […]

Liberal academia continues to divide the races. Arizona State offers course in the “problem of whiteness,” all about the racist white race

This guy isn’t a professor. He’s an ignorant asshole! ~ Thomas Madison White professor teaches ‘problem of whiteness’ course at Arizona State By Lauren Clark, Campus Reform Reading for the problem of whiteness course includes ‘Everyday Language of White Racism’ and […]

NBC enters the Al Sharpton Sweepstakes, creating a black-only website, to make a buck while further dividing the races

By Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society The well-written article, below, by Jerome Hudson, himself a member of NBC’s preferred ethnicity, says it about as well as it can be said. NBC is attempting to profit at the expense of further […]

VIDEO: Beyond demonic! Black thugs torture and execute white teenagers. At sentencing one thug makes “black lives matter” speech

By Thomas Madison What a foul piece of shit! It wasn’t enough to torture and execute two innocent teenage boys. At his sentencing racist turd Fredrick Young made this speech after listening to the statements by the victims’ family members: “I’d […]

Jesse Jackson on white motorist beaten nearly to death by black thugs: “There’s ignorance based in knowledge.” What the hell is that?

Jesse Jackson Finally Makes A Statement About White Motorist Beating By Brian Anderson, Downtrend Jesse Jackson knows racism. It’s his job. He’s so good at spotting it that he can find it where others would not. The one knock on […]

Here’s something about the Academy Awards racist Al Sharpton was apparently unaware of. The President of the Academy is BLACK!

By Thomas Madison Little Al Sharpton has been foaming at the mouth and strutting up to any microphone he can find to condemn the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for their obvious (to the Master Baiter and other […]

LOL! Master Baiter, Al Sharpton, irate that only one Oscar nomination for blacks. Calling emergency meeting of his Shakedown Team, I mean Diversity Task Force

By Thomas Madison “The movie industry is like the Rocky Mountains, the higher you get, the whiter it gets,” claims Little Al Sharpton, race baiter supreme, hereinafter referred to as the Master Baiter. So irate is the Master Baiter at […]

Black Panthers To “Build Up an Army” To Kill Cops In 2015. “Gonna seem tragic to white America.”

From Robert Gehl, Downtrend The former leader of the New Black Panther Party said his group will “build up an army” in the new year to battle with police and said there will be events that are “gonna seem tragic […]

“F*ck Whites. I spit in all white peoples food,” tweets black female McDonald’s employee

By Thomas Madison McDonald’s employee, Bubba Conroy, claims she is getting back at white people for slavery. If she thinks slavery was a bitch, wait ’til she gets to prison, which is the best place for anyone, regardless of race […]

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