Eight signs that the Clintons will be arrested and prosecuted soon

We all know the web of criminal corruption is massive, deep and broad, and it involves many household names, especially the names of liberal politicians who thought they could get away with anything forever.

New Year’s Eve at Bill and Hill’s, a parody

‘Twas the night before New Year’s when all through the house, Not a creature was sober at Bill and Hitlery’s house.The voodoo dolls were hung by the chimney with care, Each with a red tie and bright yellow hair.

BREAKING VIDEO! NYPD Chief: “People are going to prison!” The FBI reopened the case on evidence of Hitlery and Bill being involved in a vast child sex ring

It is being reported by NYPD that there is an elaborate child sex ring involving the Clintons that reaches even into the halls of Congress.

The mainstream media MUST report the truth regarding the Clinton crime organization or it will be replaced by media that will

God Bless altruistic Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Anonymous, and anyone else involved in finally exposing what has been evident to the world but no one could prove.

BOMBSHELL! The Kremlin is reporting a $1.8 billion transfer having just been made from the Clinton Foundation to the Qatar Central Bank. I’m sure for charity. Right?

upon Qatar receiving Hillary Clinton’s $1.8 billion earlier today, one of that sheikdoms royal places was “ordered emptied” in preparation for the “early November arrival” of a “high value” dignitary

VIDEO BOMBSHELL! Wow! Anonymous claims that a video of Bill Clinton raping a 13-year old girl is about to be released

The entire US presidential election is nearing an explosive crisis over a secretly made Israeli intelligence video recording showing former President Bill Clinton raping a 13-year old girl.

VIDEO: Painfully reliving her brutal rape by Bill Clinton in 1978, Juanita Broaddrick tearfully describes the excruciating pain that never goes away

Painfully reliving her brutal rape by Bill Clinton nearly four decades ago, Juanita Broaddrick tearfully described for Breitbart the pain and humiliation she felt in 1978 that never goes away.

VIDEO: Wanna’ make a quick $5,000? All you have to do is wear a “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” T-shirt for 5 seconds while shouting “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” at a public event

There is a growing movement in the country. I don’t know if it has an official name yet, but let’s call it the “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” movement.

Hmmmm. Was the Slick Willie/Loretta Lynch tarmac conference scheduled ahead of time? Yep! Nothing to see here, folks. Move along!

Why ? Because that meeting was planned!! That’s where the Clintons got Hillary’s FBI fix on!

The entitled Bill Clinton. Details of the rape of Juanita Broaddrick, as told by Broaddrick herself.

Broadddrick: “I wouldn’t invite them to my house. I just can’t imagine that the American people will invite them back to the White House.”

VIDEO: Further evidence and corroboration that Chelsea in not Bill Clinton’s biological daughter. Guess who the real dad is.

It has long been rumored that Webb Hubbell is the biological father of Chelsea Clinton. Apparently even Slick Willie, himself, admitted that he “shoots blanks” and that Webb is Chelsea’s real pappy.

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