Over the past few years, Powdered Wig has reported many times on the migrant crisis in Sweden. If you enter “Sweden” in the search window near the bottom of the right hand rail on this page, you will see many articles on Sweden regarding the insistence of its leaders to allow uncontrolled migration into the country from Africa and the Middle East.

You will find several articles there on Sweden, like one reporting the prediction by many experts that once peaceful and prosperous Sweden will be the first European Domino to fall, thanks to its insane immigration policy, or rather, lack thereof. Or an article reporting the sad fact that Sweden is not only the rape capital of Europe, but of the world, thanks to its policy of unchecked migration (chart, below).

Now comes the news of a Swedish woman, Zaida Catalan, who was an open borders and unchecked migration advocate.

On a UN humanitarian mission to The Congo, Catalan and a male companion were taken hostage and executed by a group of Congolese militants. Catalan was also beheaded and buried in a shallow grave where her body was discovered.

Following is a video of Catalan and her companion traveling through the Congolese countryside with their captors and their tragic execution, followed by a report of Catalan’s capture. Warning: Graphic video.

Zaida Catalán (6 October 1980 – March 2017) was a Swedish politician who was a member of the Green Party and leader of the Young Greens of Sweden between 2001 and 2005. She was known for her work in animal rights, equality and the sex purchase law (which she supported).

Equality is one of the cornerstones of the Greens’ ideology. They promised equal pay for equal work, breaking gender segregation in employment, splitting parental leave into three parts (one for each parents and one freely transferable including to a third person close to the child), fighting violence against women, quotas for women on the boards of stock market-listed companies, investments in school health (to fight mental health problems), laws against sexist advertising which perpetuate gender norms, improving sex ed, improving support to people who have faced abuse and a law on gender mainstreaming.

In line with this, the Greens are the most pro-immigration party, enthusiastically supporting open borders (or a world without borders). Its manifesto endorsed a liberalization of asylum laws (an automatic right to a permanent residence permit if an asylum seeker hasn’t been deported within 2 years, facilitating family reunification, people born and permanently residing in Sweden should automatically obtain citizenship); better integration (easier access to housing and jobs for new arrivals) and fighting discrimination.

Zaida Catalán was killed while on a UN mission to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in March 2017. On 12 March 2017, Catalán and another UN employee were kidnapped during a mission near the village Ngombe in the Kasai Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They were both found dead on 27 March.  Catalán had been beheaded and was found in a shallow grave.