By Thomas Madison

First of all, I would like to apologize in advance to those I might offend by the following.

I don’t mean to pick on supporters of Ted Cruz, but I am compelled to share my take on the defiant dynamic that characterizes their peculiar hatred for Donald Trump.

I am an unapologetic supporter of The Donald. I have been from the beginning. From that first escalator ride last summer, where he announced his candidacy, I was all in for Trump. His positions on trade, border security, the Second Amendment, veterans’ issues, a stronger military, and “America First” in every platform position was music to not only my starving ears, but also to tens of millions of other forgotten American patriots. And as “far right” as those positions are, his detractors call him a liberal, a progressive, even a socialist, notwithstanding the fact that Donald Trump is the poster boy for capitalism and the American Dream.

There is a not-insignificant segment of the American right who now feel alienated. They are generally known as Trump-haters. Many of the Trump-haters are supporters of Ted Cruz, affectionately referred to as Cruzbots.

Many of the Cruzbots are butt-hurt Tea Partiers. The Tea Party began as a noble and patriotic movement. Today, it looks more like a foundering, directionless pseudo-organization that has been hijacked by rigid, single issue, so-called “conservatives,” a term I now shy away from for fear of association. Many of them are evangelicals, who have been spellbound by the Canadian’s faux and disingenuous evangelism. The last person we need in the White House is Jimmy Swaggart.

Again, no offense to Cruz supporters. We have a war to win, a war against the status quo, a war against the continuation of the Barack Hussein socialist agenda, a war against the Wicked Witch of Benghazi. I talk to many of you who not only vow that you will not vote for Donald Trump under any circumstances, but that you will cast your vote for Hillary Clinton to spite Donald Trump and his supporters. I consider that treasonous. Were Cruz the Republican nominee, I would pull the lever for him. I would hold my nose while doing it, as I did for McCain and Romney, but I would do it.

Donald Trump is the first patriot to run for president since Ronald Reagan who truly gets it. Like The Ronald, The Donald is drawing millions of new Republicans to the party – former Democrats, independents, minorities, patriots all. They also get it.

Please join us. Help us Make America Great Again.

From The Washington Examiner

Conservative Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan said in her latest op-ed that Donald Trump’s critics within the Republican Party should come around to understanding that they’re no longer leading the GOP.

Trump and his supporters are.

“I do not understand the impulse of the NeverTrump people to anathametize and shun those Republicans who will not vow to oppose Mr. Trump and commit to defeating him,” said Noonan in her Thursday night column. “They have been warned that if they don’t do these things they will not be allowed to help rebuild the party after Mr. Trump destroys it. Conservatives love to throw conservatives out of conservatism; it’s like an ancestral tic.”

“But great political movements should not be run like private clubs,” she added. “And have the anathemitizers noticed they aren’t in charge anymore? That in the great antiestablishment disruption of 2016 they have been upended, too?”

Before Trump became the presumptive nominee this week, many Republican politicians and operatives made it their mission, unsuccessfully, to keep Trump at bay.

But even after he won, a large portion of his critics in the party maintained that they would never support him and that they wouldno longer align themselves with those who do.

“We don’t know what’s coming in 2016, or what happens to the GOP if Mr. Trump wins or loses,” wrote Noonan. “If there is a rebuilding of the party, as opposed to an ongoing reinvention, we don’t know when that will commence. If it is a rebuilding, on what grounds do the NeverTrump forces think it will be rebuilt? As a neoconservative, functionally open-borders, slash-the-entitlements party? I am not sure, whatever happens in 2016, that there will ever again be a market for that product.”