H/T Darla Sharp
Mark Levin is typically a very animated guy, but he is beyond animated in this video regarding Barack Hussein’s wiretapping of Republican candidate Donald Trump’s offices in Trump Tower.

Hussein is attempting to distance himself from the exploding scandal, but I do not see that being possible. According to the sources Levin cites, no less than six federal agencies were involved in the spying.

This is beyond unethical. Levin calls the wiretapping “police state” tactics. Indeed, this is the kind of thing one would expect from the former Soviet Union, not the United States and its government-restricting Constitution, the cornerstones of which are individual liberty and limited government.

Draining this massive, noxious swamp, which is what our government has become, is going to be a yuge job. We have the perfect leader and team in place to get it done. Massive firings and prosecution should begin immediately.