With just what we know so far, I believe that Susan Rice should be under arrest, which will likely lead to the highest levels of the Hussein White House.

In an interview with Mark Levin, Fox News correspondent Adam Housely, who has been on the leading edge of the Wiregate investigation and most recently Susan Rice’s involvement, updated his reporting of the bizarre electronic surveillance, unmasking of members of Team Trump, and the leaking of the names of the unmasked individuals.

At one point Levin asks, “I mean, if they’re doing this to Trump isn’t it possible that they’re doing this to other people too?”

“No comment,” replies Housely, adding then, “We’re digging. We’re digging on all of this stuff. And just so you know, Mark, we have other stories we’re digging into as well,” which I interpret to mean ‘We believe that, we have evidence of that, but not definitive proof at this point.’

Later, Levin asks about the surveillance of Trump and his staff, “As far as you know right now, it has nothing to do with Russia?”

“Our folks told us and we went to some Hill sources we have that were not Nunes,” answered Housely, “and they say the same thing, that what they’ve seen so far did not involve Russia.

Levin asks incredulously, “So, there would be absolutely no reason to do any of this.”

Housely responds, “Except for politics.”