Where would the world be without white males? According to liberal waste of flesh Lena Dunham, the world would be much better off.

Really, moron? Take a look around you at every luxury and convenience you take for granted. Those things didn’t grow on trees. They were invented by people, nearly all of them white males.

Here’s a challenge for you, Lena. Gather every item in your house. Research each to see who invented it. If it was a white male, throw it away. You can’t use it anymore. Keep all of the things invented by non-whites, and see what you have left. Pretty much chop sticks, peanut butter, and rap music, except you can’t listen to rap music any more because compact discs (CDs)¬†were invented by a white man, as well as all of the electronic devices used to play them.¬†

If you believe you are being dominated by white men, you racist bitch, just wait until they aren’t around anymore. You will look swell in a burka. If ever there was a good reason to cover a woman’s face, you are it.