“What Happened” is the title of Hitlery’s new book, as though she has it all figured out now. Her written words are as cold and pompous as her spoken words. She remains an entitled elitist, completely out of touch with Mom and Pop America. The title should be “WTF Happened?” with a huge question mark, as she obviously still doesn’t have a clue.

Check out the highlighted excerpt from her book in the tweet, below. She comes off as the victim of women who were too lazy vote, and despite their begging for forgiveness, her royal hiney cannot.

Yo, Hitlery, I can tell you what happened. It is simple, really. You laid in bed with a hangover most of the race instead of campaigning in the Rust Belt and you got your ass handed to you by a 70-year-old with the energy of a teenager, doing two or three rallies a day across the country. Your message was, “I’m a Clinton. It is my turn.” His message was “America First.” THAT is what happened! Take some time and think about it. You are as clueless today as you were then.

H/T Weasel Zippers