The Washington Fake NewsPost is a dying rag, like the New York Fake News Times. Last night WaPo nearly had one right, publishing a headline reviewing President Trump’s State of the Union Address – “A call for bipartisanship”

Not bad and very accurate. Bipartisanship was the recurring theme throughout the President’s address. Strangely, it is not the usual Trump-bashing WaPo headline we are used to seeing, like…. “President Trump stumbles through SOTU Address.” That would have been more in keeping with WaPo’s liberal weenie history, or “Trump spends an hour and a half congratulating himself.”

So, to see a WaPo headline that is at least neutral is shocking. But, as if that isn’t crazy enough, check out the sub-headline at the top of the right column in the photo, above – “TRUMP DELIVERS MESSAGE OF UNITY”

That was all liberal weenies needed to see to go off the rails, threatening to cancel their subscriptions and slamming WaPo for what they consider undeserved love for President Trump, creating a twitterstorm in the process….

Knowing who its masters are, WaPo quickly changed its headline to something less favorable to President Trump….