By Thomas Madison

It is no coincidence that those areas that lead America in murder and other deadly assault are also the areas that lead America in abortion – our inner cities, the liberal Democrat sewers where human life is less valuable than a pair of Air Jordans.

This does not excuse the suburbanites nor the country dwellers who shake their heads while this monstrosity operates in their midst.

Long the liberal darling of the “progressive” set, here is a rather sterile look at their most cherished institution – abortion, that antiseptic term for the most sinful act of homicide, that which is committed against the most innocent and defenseless among us, our unborn children, countless times a day across America.

We have no moral superiority over the scum in Iraq and Syria who remove with glee the heads of helpless living victims.

May God forgive us!

Somewhere Mengele is smiling.

(While I don’t consider this video especially graphic, be warned it shows the arms and legs of human fetuses in a lab, on a pie plate, being sorted through. I leave it to you to determine if that is suitable for your own viewing.)