I have never hit a woman before and never will, so I may get my wife to bitchslap some sense into this waste of oxygen.

Validating blonde jokes while discussing Barack Hussein’s bugging of candidate Trump’s offices in Trump Tower during the presidential campaign, airhead Mika Brzezinski saw the victim, President Trump, as the villain, declaring in the most righteous indignation, “I have lost hope completely and my mind is closed.”

Roger that! Your feeble mind is closed now and always has been. Blind Melon Brzezinski continued,¬†“This presidency is fake and failed.”

The liberal media is all aghast at President Trump’s accusation that Hussein and his troop of flying monkeys bugged candidate Trump’s offices. They claim the President’s allegations are unfounded, demanding evidence.

There is a ton of evidence! Hell, it was in the newspapers. Liberal newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post. It was fairly common knowledge last fall. YOU assclowns in the mainstream media simply neglected to report it. Objective journalists would have been all over this like Woodward and Bernstein.

What I would like to know is since you are hammering President Trump for accusing citizen Hussein for what is at best a disgusting act, which there is already public evidence of, and I promise you that President Trump has solid evidence we haven’t seen yet, where were you when Barack Hussein was accusing President Trump of having ties to Russia, which has been investigated ad nauseam with ZERO evidence found? Where were you then?

Let me tell you where you were. You were screaming the “Trump is in bed with the Russians” lie, perpetuating the fable that there was and is absolutely NO evidence of.

The only good news in this story is that MSNBC has only 17 mouth-breathing viewers. You are nothing more than liberal shills and completely worthless excuses for broadcast journalists. I demand an audit of your bank records. You can’t be making enough money from advertising to pay even the electric bill, so who is paying you? The American people have the right to know.