In a story we published last Friday, three UCLA basketball players visiting China with the rest of their team to play an exhibition basketball game against Georgia Tech decided to do a little shopping shoplifting while they were in town.

LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill, and Cody Riley needed designer sunglasses really bad, so they decided that since they couldn’t afford Louis Vuitton glasses (not cheap), they would simply lift themselves a pair from the Louis Vuitton store next door to their hotel. What could go wrong, right?

They probably should have checked Chinese law concerning shoplifting, where prison sentences of 3 to 10 years are routine.

But, being elite athletes at the major college level, I guess they figured they were entitled.

At least they were grateful for President Trump’s intervention in their case. Without his help, their lives would have been drastically impacted in a most negative way. Instead, they are walking away from long prison sentences, able to continue playing basketball with the opportunity to make millions in the not so distant future.

Coach Steve Alford thanked UCLA and the PAC-12 Conference and “EVEN President Trump” for their help in securing the release of the three entitled morons.

Newsflash, Coach! “Even” President Trump is an insult. President Trump was not a minor player in securing the release of your players, which would not have happened if not for the efforts of one person. You should be thanking President Trump first and foremost. He was solely responsible for the release of your Three Stooges.

Do you believe that President Xi would have been influenced by an American college or an athletic conference? GMAFB!

President Xi was influenced by only one person, and you and your players enjoy the good fortune of that individual, President Trump, coincidentally being in China at the same time your players were embarrassing America by stealing things that did not belong to them.