The suspense over Donald Trump’s choice for a running mate has intensified. While Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie have long been reported to be the finalists, and the secret regarding Trump’s eventual running mate has been well-guarded, the announcement is expected to be made tomorrow by The Donald in a speech on convention details.

Traveling to Cincinatti with The Donald, Newt heaped superlative after superlative upon the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

For that reason and others, I believe that the smart money is now on Newt Gingrich as VP.

Gingrich has been my choice as Trump’s veep selection from the beginning for the following reasons….

  1. Like The Donald, Newt is very much an outsider. I have heard many Newt-haters call him an “establishment” hack. Bullshit! Newt fought the establishment and won during his time as Speaker of the House. I have heard ignorant fools accuse Newt of not being a “conservative.” More bullshit! Apparently those morons never read Newt’s Contract With America, circa 1994, which he authored, navigated through Congress where it was passed, and convinced Slick Willie to sign. It created an economic boom that Slick was quick to take credit for, even though he had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to the signing table.
  2. Newt knows Capitol Hill like the back of his hand, from the legislative chambers to the backrooms. He has a clear understanding of how Congress works and how to get things done there. He will be a TREMENDOUS asset in this regard.
  3. Newt is a constitutional scholar and expert. I submit that there are very few in Washington or across the country who understand the Constitution as Newt does, especially from an originalist perspective.
  4. Like The Donald, Newt is a creative genius and will absolutely, without question, never be a yes man. He will tell Trump, and anyone else, exactly what he thinks, and like Trump, Newt has no use for political correctness.