What do you think would be the most important question that a CNN interviewer, in this case Alisyn Camerota, would ask Donald Trump’s campaign manager? How to fix the illegal immigration problem? How to defeat ISIS? How to stimulate our stagnate economy?

No! The most important question to the Clinton News Network (CNN) via its clown du jour is, “Oh, dear! Why won’t Donald Trump let us see his tax return?”

The short answer, dumbass, is because he doesn’t have to, and he doesn’t want to because he is much smarter than you are. He knows that releasing his tax return only gives the Wicked Witch of Benghazi and her official communications department, CNN, as well as the other members of the Alphabet Network Club, loads of ammo. If The Donald claimed an income of $200 million dollars in 2015 and donated $20 million to charity they would claim he is stingy. If the organizations he donated to were mostly veterans charities they would call him a warmonger and a hater of the less fortunate. No matter what is in his tax return they will find a way to attack it and make THAT the new issue, taking away from the real problems facing America.

Face it, Alisyn (What a stupid way to spell that name, by the way. Were your parents drunk when they named you?), you spent all of your precious air time on a question that REAL Americans couldn’t give a flip about, and it made you look like a partisan moron!