While Donald Trump’s selection for running mate remains unannounced, the smart money is on Newt Gingrich, who continues to heap much public praise upon the presumptive Republican presidential candidate.

The Donald was expected to make his veep announcement Friday, but canceled all scheduled public speaking due to the tragedy in Dallas Thursday night.

No question a Trump/Gingrich team would be a formidable opponent against any pair of Democrats, but Newt’s real value to Trump and the nation will come after the inauguration.

In an interview with Breitbart, Newt was asked if Trump had asked him to be his running mate. Newt replied that he had not.

Asked if he would consider being running mate, Gingrich said, ‘Yes.’ But, ‘I think he has to make that decision.’

‘It is the most extraordinary campaign of its time,’ the former speaker added. ‘He’s come out of nowhere and defeated 16 other candidates.’

‘If he catches fire he could be much like Reagan in 1980,’ Gingrich said, noting that Trump could match those record numbers ‘if this thing continues to evolve and people learn how dishonest and unserious Hillary Clinton is.'”

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