By Thomas Madison

I receive a good bit of mail (emails, IM’s, comments and replies to my articles, both on Powdered Wig’s website and its facebook pages) from the anti-Trump “gang.” Thankfully, they are in a very small and ever-shrinking minority.

The first argument I hear against electing Donald Trump is his personality, like that really matters. Yes, he is brash, incredibly confident, even cocky. Success begets confidence, which begets even more success. I consider that an asset, not a liability. “He’s not nice,” they say.

My stock answer to this argument is, “Look, suppose you are diagnosed with a brain tumor and require emergency brain surgery. Are you going to hire the most competent brain surgeon you can find, who is very likely to be brash and cocky (success begets confidence), which you will perceive as “not nice,” or are you going to hire the nicest guy you know, who is your plumber?” Nice doesn’t matter when you are choosing a President of the United States. COMPETENCE MATTERS!

Then there are those who complain that “Trump is out of touch,” aloof, “not genuine.” Really? Just how genuine do you have to be? The Donald is the only candidate who not only speaks without a teleprompter, but completely without notes! He carries a small slip of paper to the podium, upon which are the bullet point topics he plans to discuss, which he reviews for just a few seconds as he approaches the microphone. He then places the slip of paper in his left inside breast pocket, and there it stays until he is finished speaking an hour or more later. Unlike his opponents, Donald Trump’s words come from his heart, not from a canned speech written by a professional speechwriter.

One of the craziest complaints I hear from the Trump-haters is regarding his “ulterior motive.” They clamor that “Trump just wants to get richer!”

The man is a multi-billionaire. He is funding his own campaign. He will accept almost no pay ($1 a year) to serve as president. Campaigning for, and serving as, President of the United States will be a net financial loss for Donald Trump…. and he doesn’t care. Some things are more important than money. A LOT of things are more important than money. Trump needs neither fortune nor fame. He has it all already – a gorgeous wife (who will be the most elegant First Lady since Jackie Kennedy), brilliant, successful, serious children, real estate around the world, over a hundred corporations under his management, and a gold-plated lifestyle. What else could he possibly want?¬†How about a free and prosperous America for his children and grandchildren. And your children and grandchildren. And mine. How about the fact that he truly loves his country and wants to pay forward for all the wonderful success and prosperity he has enjoyed.

In the following 17-second video, Donald Trump explains his TRUE motives so genuinely and clearly, I will be amazed if anyone comes away from it and still doesn’t get it (although I am a realist and understand that there will be a few).

Love for his country, love for his family, and a desire to pay forward for all the tremendous success he has enjoyed. Those are Donald Trump’s true motives, plain and simple.