By Thomas Madison

Is it just me who is sick to tears of the constant barrage of derision leveled towards Donald Trump for everything from his hair to his business dealings to his failure to defend a Muslim socialist in our White House? Aside from said derision being completely unfair, it is simply wrong!

Is there any question as to the Muslim influence in Obama’s life? No! He has spent a significant part of his life as a practicing Muslim. He attended a Muslim school as a child during his most formative years. He has loaded his cabinet with Muslims in key and sensitive positions. He has maintained a marked anti-Israel position on all things Middle East. He is giving the world’s foremost (Islamic) state sponsor of terror a green light to nuclear weapons development, as well as $150 billion in cash to promote even more terrorism against infidels everywhere, and to fulfill their promise to remove Israel from the map.

And Donald Trump is wrong for not dressing down a questioner from the audience who called Obama a Muslim? GMAFB! Since when did it become Donald Trump’s, or any candidate’s duty to defend the worst president in American history?

And Donald Trump is short on policy specifics? Really? He is going to  build a wall on the Mexican border. That is pretty specific. What do you want, f**king blueprints?!

Get used to it, weenies, the real America loves Donald Trump. While the rest of the GOP field is busy parroting one another’s weak rhetoric in blah-blah, stale platitudes, Trump is screaming at the top of his lungs those things that Mom and Pop America long to hear.

Prepare for the renaissance of the American nation.

From Ann Coulter 

Most Republicans running for president have only one idea: Be like Reagan!
Unfortunately, they seem to remember nothing about Reagan apart from the media-created caricature of a slightly addled old man who somehow mesmerized an imbecilic public with his sunny optimism.Jeb! goes around saying, “I believe we’re on the verge of the greatest time to be alive.”

Marco Rubio answered a question in the first debate about God and veterans, saying: “Well, first, let me say I think God has blessed us. He has blessed the Republican Party with some very good candidates. … And I believe God has blessed our country. This country has been extraordinarily blessed. And we have honored that blessing. And that’s why God has continued to bless us.”

John Kasich responded to a question at the New Hampshire presidential forum about why he was running, saying: “Well, Jack, look, we’re all — we — I’ve received blessings. Most of us here have been very, very blessed, and when you get that way, you have to figure out what your purpose is in life to make the world a little better place.”

They all sound like Barney, the purple dinosaur, singing, “I love you, you love me!”

The other problem with the Be Reagan strategy is: It’s not 1980 anymore. Reagan’s election is as far away today as the defeat of Hitler was then.