Following is an Op Ed written by President Donald J. Trump evaluating his first year in office.

We at Powdered Wig are proud of our undying support for President Trump, who I predicted from the now-famous escalator ride (first video, below) and candidacy announcement speech at Trump Tower (second video) would become the greatest president in modern history, better even than Ronald Reagan.

I was literally laughed at by people I knew and respected when I declared that Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination against a gauntlet of 16 of the best and brightest Republican candidates in history, the general election against an anti-American socialist slimeball with a tremendously powerful and ruthless political machine behind her, and would prove to become the best president in our lifetime and probably in history.

I stand by those predictions and I am prouder today to be an American than at any other point in my life. Hang on, folks, this is only Year One. There are seven more left, God willing. It has been and will continue to be a glorious ride as together, and led by President Trump, we Make America Great Again.

Honest, unpolished, and direct, citizen Trump, with ZERO political experience, announced his candidacy for President of the United States, taking on 16 of the brightest stars the Republican Party had to offer, the mainstream media, later to be clearly identified as so many leftist hacks aligned with the beltway establishment, The Obama and Clinton machines, and the noxious swamp they all inhabit, which Donald Trump was and is vowing to drain.

As published in the Washington Examiner….