From Conservative Base

This week, GOP Presidential front-runner Trump told his supporters that former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will face serious criminal charges if he wins the presidency and appoints the nation’s top cop — the attorney general. Speaking at a rally in Illinois, Trump accused Clinton of criminal activities stemming from her handling of emails and classified material while at the State Department. Trump flat-out said that Mrs. Clinton committed a “crime,” and a growing number of Democrats who are beginning to believe Trump will turn out to be Hillary’s worst nightmare.

“You better remember: There’s a six-year statute of limitations on that crime. So Hillary’s running for a lot of reasons. One of them is because she wants to stay out of jail. Because I am sure — and first of all, everybody gets a fair shake with me — but I am sure whoever the attorney general is, you’ve got a lot of years left on that crime. That’s a crime,” he said. “If I win, we’re going to look into that crime very, very seriously, folks,” he added.

Trump is also garnering the support of minority groups, much to the surprise (and disdain) of every political pundit. For months we’ve heard the anti-Trump  appeal to the black and Hispanic voters record play over and over, but, according to polls, that hasn’t happened.

Trump just released tragic news for the Democrats. Did someone die? NO. But this means that the Democrats can’t just parade Hillary Clinton around and expect to win. And that’s a tragedy for their campaign. Despite all the news media’s denigration and the establishment GOP cabal assisted by some members of the Fox News team, Trump has shown he is here to fight to the bitter end..

In a SurveyUSA poll, Trump received 31% of the Hispanic vote, and 25% of the black vote. To put that into perspective, a Republican candidate hasn’t posted these kinds of numbers since Ronald Reagan ran against the left-wing President Jimmy Carter. Clearly, Trump’s message is resonating with Americans from all walks of life. “You’ve heard of Reagan Democrats? Those were life-long Democratic Party voters who decided enough was enough with liberalism and weakness and jumped ship to whisk former movie star and California Governor Ronald Reagan into the White House. Can Trump be the 21st Century’s version of Ronald Reagan?’ asks political consultant and analyst Michael Baker.

There’s no doubt that Trump has, for the moment, emerged as the candidate that conservatives want to support. His politically-incorrect way of speaking is a breath of fresh air to conservative Americans, as is his tell it like it is attitude. “Conservatives appreciate The Donald because they possess an innate distrust of politicians and are repulsed by a Big Government that grows by leaps and bounds under the party that embraces socialism and enslavement — the Democratic Party,” said former police chief and security manager Jeffrey Bansfield.

Expect those in the media to do anything and everything in their power to derail the Trump train. The establishment doesn’t know how to handle someone who isn’t begging for campaign funds, and is interested in helping the people, rather than corporations, say his supporters.

“Hillary and her husband former President Bill Clinton mooch from every wealthy corporatist they can find and suspiciously take millions of dollars from foreign governments through a money laundering operation that continues unabated by the Obama administration. Yet, they are the ones who toss around accusations greed against their opponents,” Bansfield said.

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