Americans can be such sheep, following the leader, with little to no ability to think on their own. Nowhere is this phenomenon more evident than on America’s college campuses where socialism is all the rage because.

Watch this excellent video of college students at George Washington University praising President Trump’s tax plan when the interviewer tells them the author of the plan is Bernie Sanders. Waxing eloquent in their praise for the most awesome Bernie Sanders for his economic brilliance and loving compassion, the sheep┬ástudents are all agush over the plan they believe is Bernie’s brainchild.

When told the plan is actually that of one Donald Trump, the clueless liberal weenies are like so many deer in the headlights. Busted! Gotcha’! Stammering and declaring “Oh, wow!” and “Really?” the liberal weenies look for the nearest hole to crawl into.

I was a young college student once. I hope I wasn’t that stupid, but I probably was.