By Thomas Madison

While Donald Trump is short on political correctness (in fact, completely deficient), he has made it abundantly clear that we have a “Muslim” problem.

Indeed we do. Only someone who has lived in a cave for the past half century would not agree with that, and they would likely be Muslim. Muslims love living in caves. A goat and a cave and Haji is a happy camper!

So, Barack Hussein believes the answer to comforting the western world while it is in the midst of Islamic extremist terror is to visit a mosque.

WTF! *&$%#@!

It is no longer a question of whether our president is a Muslim. OF COURSE HE IS! He has been his entire life, since childhood. What’s the mystery there? Don’t fall for the disingenuous Jeremiah Wright smoke screen BS. Christian, my ass!

It is OK to be a Muslim, but be honest about it, and for the love of liberty, the line of civility and acceptance should be drawn well short of sawing innocent people’s heads off. THAT is not OK!

Eleven months and change, folks, and Barack Hussein was a bad dream. Counting the days!