By Thomas Madison

So, during the Children’s Hour of the Faux News “debate,” Carly Fiorina figured the best way to get ahead is to climb over the back of the leader. That may have worked in the corporate world, but it is outrageously stupid against Donald Trump. Carly should learn to choose her battles better, at least choosing those that are winnable.

Relying on the tired shtick of “Trump used to believe this! Trump used to believe that!” Carly blasted The Donald for his transformation from a one-time Democrat to a now staunch Republican.

Don’t let your kids see this, but I used to believe in Santa Claus. I changed my mind about Santa. Donald Trump is not permitted the same evolution of thought by the likes of single-digit poll princess and HP wrecker, Carly Fiorina.

To the trash heap with you, Carly! When you get there, tell Rick Perry Powdered Wig says, “Lose the glasses. You still look like a game show host.”