The Donald greets 40,000 screaming fans in Mobile, Alabama

H/T Craig Wood
I admit I have not had the opportunity to attend a Trump rally yet. I hope there is one near me between now and Election Day, but I kind of doubt it as Texas is an overwhelmingly red state, and I imagine The Donald will concentrate his efforts on the swing states.

Those I have spoken to who have attended Trump rallies compare the intensity of the event to a rock concert.┬áCheck out Mark Kaye’s video, below, capturing the crowd intensity of a Trump rally in Jacksonville, Florida.

According to videographer Mark Kaye, “Donald J. Trump claims the media is misrepresenting his rallies: ‘My rallies are not covered properly by the media. They never discuss the real message and never show crowd size or enthusiasm.’

He’s right. I went to a Trump Rally in Jacksonville, FL and it was intense. You won’t see this on TV. But the energy, enthusiasm, volume, and optimism of the crowd is massive. It’s unlike anything you will ever experience.

THIS is what a Donald Trump Rally, with 16,000+ in attendance, is really like:”