By Thomas Madison

At a Trump campaign rally in North Augusta, SC on Tuesday (2/16), The Donald was interrupted by a protester who was screaming profanities and raising his middle finger to the crowd. Two men took action against the protester- and Mr. Trump called them up to the stage to say a few words.

The first audience member praises Donald Trump in his Carolina drawl. It looked like The Donald had a little trouble getting him to give up the spotlight so the second audience member could speak, who first mentioned that he had two tours of Iraq and is a Deputy Sheriff. The crowd went crazy, like teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert, until he finally had to gesture to the crowd to stop, or they would probably still be there in that auditorium cheering.

What other candidate now or any time in the past has or had that kind of rapport with a crowd, that genuine affection for the average guy, the everyday American? The only one I can think of is Ronald Reagan, and to be honest I believe The Ronald was a distant second to The Donald.