WOW! IndyStar, a subsidiary of USA Today, is reporting that Donald Trump has chosen Mike Pence as his running mate. Horrible decision, if true.

If Drudge is right, and Trump has indeed chosen Pence, it will be the first decision The Donald has made that I disagree with and I would disagree with it very much.

Of the many candidates Trump has considered for his veep, I consider Mike Pence to be at the very bottom of the list, and, in fact, I was shocked that Trump considered Pence in the first place. But he did.

Remember when Mike Pence endorsed Ted Cruz, just days before the Indiana primary? Perfect timing to most effectively relay his distaste for Donald Trump.

I really hate this decision, if it is true. I will lose a great deal of respect for Trump. I have been singing his praises as often and as loudly as I possibly could from the day of his announcement that he was running for president. That will certainly change if this report is correct.

From IndyStar

IndyStar has confirmed that Trump plans to announce Pence as his selection for vice president. A press conference will be held Friday to formally announce the decision. USA TODAY, Collin Brennan

Gov. Mike Pence is dropping his re-election bid in Indiana to become Donald Trump’s running mate.

IndyStar has confirmed that Trump plans to announce Pence as his selection for vice president, ending a weeks-long vice presidential casting callduring which Trump vetted a handful of high-profile Republicans.

Trump’s national campaign spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, insisted in an email Thursday afternoon that “a decision has not been made.”

It wasn’t clear if those comments, echoed by others in the Trump campaign, were simply an effort to maintain a sense of surprise for the planned announcement Friday at 11 a.m. in Manhattan. But sources told some national news outlets that anything is possible given Trump’s trademark unpredictability.

Those outlets, including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, reported that Trump has told fellow Republicans that he plans to introduce Pence as his pick.

ABC News reported Trump has asked Pence to be his running mate and the Indiana governor accepted, citing a source with direct knowledge.

This evening, Pence was seen arriving on a plane in Teterboro, N.J., near Manhattan. Earlier in the day, Pence gubernatorial campaign spokesman Marc Lotter was spotted on a plane headed to New York City.

Trump’s long-awaited decision upends the political landscape in Indiana and at least partially remakes the Trump campaign in Pence’s image.