I have been watching with interest the response of the media Trump-haters now that The Donald has secured the GOP nomination. To put it mildly, he is making them squirm and scream, a not entirely unexpected reaction when dining on crow.

While they imagine themselves pundits and important personalities, they are little more than boring talking heads, motivated by jealousy and hatred, puffed up by their own self importance. The wailing and gnashing of teeth at Fox News is now audible from sea to shining sea.

While the pompous and arrogant assclowns look down their noses, certain that their words and opinions are far superior to those of the unwashed peasants across America, those same unwashed peasants have taught them (hopefully) a valuable lesson – the people will decide. The people are far more intelligent and intuitive than the boring talking heads, and more importantly, they are in touch. They live in the mainstream, not a sterile studio atop some ivory tower.

And guess who else is “in touch” and living in the mainstream? Donald Trump, just a regular guy who happens to have a whole lot of money. By the way, “regular guy” and “whole lot of money” are not mutually exclusive. There are many regular guys (and gals) who have a whole lot of money.

Unlike the boring talking heads and career parasites who camp in Washington for decades at the expense of those who sent them there, The Donald gets it! He understands Mom and Pop America, he knows what they need and want, and he aims to deliver it, notwithstanding the efforts of the beltway establishment and K Street circus to stop him. Heroic work, for certain!

So, while enjoying the media crowfest in an admittedly schadenfreudian way, I came across this tweet from one of the most rabid Trump-haters, Bill Kristol, who has apparently not seen the memo from the GOP: “It’s over. We tried. Trump won. Now get in line behind him.”

Still pledging his support for a mystery third-party candidate, kooky Kristol is not finished embarrassing himself. He and his fellow RINO Trump-haters have trotted out Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as third-party possibilities, gauging the electorate’s interest in an effort to steal votes from Trump, which would clearly make one of the scary Democrat candidates president. Both of the 2012 RINO reruns have been rejected outright by the people.

So, what independent candidate has Kristol pulled from his nether region this time? Does he care that his treasonous work will result in another President Clinton, this one much worse than the last, or a brain-dead socialist in the Ova Office? Heck no! His delicate ego is far more important than the safety, security, and prosperity of the American people.

Bill Kristol is a moron, a jealous, conniving, treasonous moron.

Enjoy the following real-life fable and be sure to teach it to your children.


This is a story to tell your children so they do not turn out like Bill Kristol

Once upon a time there was a man named Bill Kristol. Bill was not very clever, but thought he was. When successful billionaire Donald Trump decided to run for President it made Bill very unhappy.

Why? Because other Presidential candidates would fake being nice to Bill in hopes he would write positive things about them in his publication. Donald Trump only cared about the American People and had plenty of his own money to take his message directly to the people, and this made Bill Kristol feel very un-important.


Bill decided to vent his frustration on Twitter and declare over and over again Trump would fail. “If Trumps fails, then the other typical DC politicians will care about me and my publication,” Bill told himself, “I’ll get that Donald Trump if it’s the LAST thing I do!”

Bill Angry

July 31, 2015 “We Have Seen Peak Trump”

Peak Trump 1

July 22, 2015 “We are past PEAK TRUMP!” 

Peak Trump 2

August 6, 2015 “I do think we’ve seen Peak Trump”

Peak Trump 3

November 3, 2014 “I’ll admit I was a bit early in my #PeakTrump call”

Peak Trump 4

December 21, 2015 “It would be fitting …if Trump were to peak today”

Peak Trump 5

December 30, 2015 “Peak Trump will prove to be just before 7:00pm”

Peak Trump 6

After this tweet, Bill Kristol stopped using the term “Peak Trump.” Bill was very upset because he realized him hating Trump was not spreading to other people hating Trump. All his jealous rage for Donald Trump was not helping stop him one bit. The people loved Trump’s message of putting America FIRST. The person they did NOT like was ….. Bill Kristol. Then came May 3rd 2016. 


And this… ReinceonTrump

Team Trump Was Very Happy 


..and Bill was very very sad


The Moral of the Story : Don’t be jealous and hateful of others that are successful – learn from them instead. Be part of winning teams. Do not be like loser Bill Kristol.

The End