By Thomas Madison

No one is more keenly aware of the problems created by illegal immigration than the people of Texas. They deal with it daily. They also hear the worn-out lies and lip service of career parasite politicians. And they are sick of it!

While Ted Cruz preaches a conservative position on illegal immigration, he is woefully deficient on specifics to deal with the problem. Only warm and fuzzy, yawn-inspiring platitudes. Likewise, Rick Perry, all bluster and braggadocio. All hat and no cattle, to coin a timeless Texas phrase.

Then a new sheriff, Donald Trump, came to town, speaking specific actions to deal with the problem. Build the wall! Mexico will pay for it! No more anchor babies! Deport ALL illegals! Tough, specific talk. And Texans are responding favorably.

In a recent poll of Texas voters, conducted by Gravis Marketing, carpetbagging Yankee Donald Trump is polling at 24%, while homeboy Ted Cruz is at 16%. Rick Perry, at 4%, is searching for aluminum cans in gas station dumpsters to keep his dismal presidential hopes alive. It’s all about the message!

From Rich Tucker, Breitbart

A prophet may not be honored at home, but a politician needs to be. At least if he hopes to prevail.

A new poll hints Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has a bit of a problem in his home state of Texas.

Donald Trump is now the frontrunner there, according to the latest survey. Trump now polls at 24 percent in Texas, roughly what he gets nationally. Cruz drops to second in his home state with 16 percent. Longtime Texas Gov. Rick Perry is a non-factor, polling just 4 percent alongside Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

The poll, commissioned for a group called the Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee, was conducted by Gravis Marketing. It’s the first such survey since June, when Trump was just getting into the race. Back then Cruz polled a solid 20 percent, and Perry seemed a threat at home with 12 percent.

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