There may never be a President more loved and supported by everyday Americans than Donald Trump. We the People understand and appreciate the battles he is fighting for us, with the liberal lamebrain media on one front, career parasite Democrats on another, nefarious big money forces like George Soros on yet another, big corporations on yet another, out-to-lunch Hollywood elitists on yet another, and even members of his own party, worthless Rinos like John McDouche on yet another. And yet he drives on, implementing his agenda, which is our agenda, keeping his promises, especially that all-important promise to Make America Great Again, and all in less than two months so far.

Evidence of the tremendous love and support for President Trump is clear in the multitudes who come to see him wherever he shows up, like his recent visit to Nashville, Tennessee where an enormous line stretched for nearly two miles to see and hear the President, as shown in the picture above and those below.