What began as a peaceful protest against President Donald Trump and his “America First” policies turned ugly and violent Wednesday as a leftist professor punched a pro-Trump counter-protester in the face, after allegedly trying to take a pro-Trump sign out of the hands of another counter protester.

The young College Republicans must understand that free speech and the First Amendment apply only to liberal crybabies, not young Republicans, and any and all action said liberals take to deny conservatives free speech is certainly justified. Physical assault against young Republicans so insolent as to believe that they also enjoy the right to free speech is necessary in Libville, where such assault is encouraged, and applauded.

Police are investigating an incident where a lecturer at California State University, Fullerton, allegedly assaulted a student while the College Republicans club was counter-protesting a “No Ban No Wall” protest held by the school’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, according to Breitbart.

The description for the protest event mentioned that “a large population of students at CSUF have been attacked because of the identities they hold.” The agenda for the event included a protest, march around campus, and a group prayer led by the Muslim Student Association.

According to eyewitnesses, Eric Canin, a part time anthropology professor, took offense to the presence of College Republicans during the protest, and assaulted College Republican Bryce Ingalls. Canin approached the College Republicans group as they were marching, and attempted to rip away the sign College Republican Jared Lopez was holding. Another member of the group, Bryce Ignalls, saw what was happening and allegedly attempted to separate the professor from the student.

Canin did not wish to desist and allegedly proceeded to purposefully strike Ignalls in the face, according the College Republicans.

Fullerton Republicans President, Christopher Boyle, says he saw Canin attacking Ingalls, and immediately intervened to physically detain Canin until police apprehended the rogue anthropology professor.

“I saw a man who had told us he was a professor attacking Bryce Ingalls, and immediately intervened to physically restrain him until police arrived to apprehended him,” says Fullerton Republicans President, Christopher Boyle. “At the time, students identified him as anthropology professor Eric Canin. A quick google search and the police report confirmed this. Eric Canin is a part time anthropology professor here at CSUF, and he took offense to our presence during the protest, and assaulted one of my College Republicans, Bryce Ingalls.”

“It’s unfortunate that young republicans and College Republicans can’t take their safety for granted on campus and get attacked for their views,” said Boyle. “I felt shocked that this kind of violence could take place on our campus. Or job on campus is to stand up for republicans and conservatives and when I see anyone especially a professor physically attacking a student I feel like it’s my responsibility to step in and be the safeguard that republican students deserve. After he assaulted a student, I put him under a citizens arrest and I want to make sure he is going to be held accountable.”

The College Republicans say that they do not know why Canin chose to assault Ingalls, and claim Ingalls was not doing anything to stand out from other College Republicans counter-protesting. According to the College Republicans, the school was eager to dismiss the issue, and were hesitant to place Canin in custody.

“People would already be in cuffs if this was done to the Democrats,” said Ali Deway, a senior at CSUF.

“Since Eric Canin is not a tenured professor, we encourage concerned citizens to call or email the school to ask for corrective action,” said junior at CSUF, Hannah Reams.

Following the incident, Jeffrey D. Cook, the chief communications officer for California State University, Fullerton, declared on Twitter that “any violent incident, however isolated, cannot be tolerated and is unacceptable.”

Fullerton Police confirmed that a police report had been filed under battery. The College Republicans will be coordinating with the campus police and the school to press charges.