By Thomas Madison

Last week Donald Trump announced that he was going to give free rides to kids on his luxury helicopter at the Iowa State Fair. The power freak fair organizers said, ‘Oh, yeah? That’s what he thinks!’ Preventing Trump from using the fairgrounds to give eager children the thrill of a lifetime, The Donald rented a parking lot nearby and did exactly as he said he was going to do. He gave many children the ride of a lifetime on his corporate helicopter. The joy of the children was evident in their smiles and exuberant “wow”s.

Trump invited Bloomberg Politics’ Mark Halperin and ABC’s Martha Raddatz along for the ride. When asked if the helicopter fanfare was a bit much, Trump said, “It’s me. I am who I am.” And unlike the nasty hacks at Fox News Halperin and Raddatz were clearly enjoying the company and generosity of the GOP frontrunner.

An event like this can change a child forever. It may inspire a passion that will be with them their entire lives. Some may become military pilots, airline pilots, or even astronauts. I have spoken to many pilots who have credited a childhood event like this for their lifelong passion and profession.

Aside from the marketing and PR bonanza, the joy ride proved what a good person Donald Trump is. A man among boys in this race (no offense, Carly). Funny how no candidate has ever thought of this in the many decades since the helicopter was invented. Just more evidence of the genius of Donald Trump. May God Bless America by putting this creative genius in our White House!