By Thomas Madison

Photo, above: The Empire State Building lights up in red last night in celebration of Donald Trump’s overwhelming primary victory in New York.

“It’s up to you, New York,” is the last line of the famous Sinatra classic, “New York, New York,” and the most recent theme music of Donald Trump’s campaign for president.

Indeed! It was very much up to New York to help The Donald overcome a string of setbacks at the hands of the slimy Canadian and the corrupt GOP, and help they did, countering the RNC’s mysterious rule changes just when Donald Trump became a formidable candidate (August, 2015, not a year ago, as Reince Pubis and his equally incompetent lackies are claiming). The nation watched in horror as Pubis and company engineered and manipulated the primary system to block Trump’s nomination in voterless states like Colorado and Wyoming, where all of the delegates were gifted to “anyone but Trump,” which is GOP operative code for “Canadian Cruz,” without the benefit of a popular vote.

Trump registered an overwhelming 60% of the Republican grassroots vote in New York, I’m sure shocking the talking heads who were questioning whether he would win even 50% of the support of New Yorkers. John Kasich limped in 35 points behind The Donald at 25%, scoring a few delegates, and the irrelevant Canadian finished 46 points behind The Donald, at a laughable 14% and ZERO delegates. With 734 delegates left to be awarded, The Donald needs 53% of them (392). Barring any Colorado surprises, we stick to our prediction that he reaches the magic number of 1,237 on June 7. California is the key.




REPUBLICANS:            TRUMP 60% / KASICH 25% / CRUZ 15%