By Thomas Madison

If nothing else, Donald Trump is entertaining. Actually, he is plenty else, including an unashamed patriot.

Typically, experienced television news interviewers can shape an interview, taking it in any direction they please, and typically they do all they can to make conservatives look mean, cruel, and stupid. They do this because they get away with it. This has been their personal experience based upon interviewing countless conservative politicians, who generally sit silently with a smile while the interviewer skewers them. Donald Trump is not your typical conservative politician. In fact, he is not a politician at all, just a conservative. And he doesn’t just sit with his hands in his lap while being barbecued by a progressive hack like Cooper. He doesn’t even go on the defensive. Rather, he goes straight for the Jugular.

In a recent interview of The Donald, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper opened the dialogue by highlighting an obscure state poll that did not have Trump leading, rather than highlighting the several national polls that show Trump running away from the field. Quick to respond to the unfair treatment by Cooper, The Donald jumped him like a junkyard dog:

“I am leading across the board, and then you hit me with this poll that I didn’t even see before? Let me tell you, the people don’t trust you and the people don’t trust the media.”

Turning the tables on Cooper, Trump made him look like a fool, and it was Cooper sitting there with the fake grin and his hands in his lap. All he could do was smile and nod. Another win for The Donald!