America hit the jackpot when it elected Donald Trump. He is going to be a tremendously strong leader, as evidenced by his first press conference as President-elect today, which was spectacular!

The best part of the two-hour press conference came when Jim Acosta of fake news purveyor CNN demanded to be allowed to ask a question even though President-elect Trump didn’t call on him.

Continuing to shout over the President-elect and the reporter he called on to ask a question, Trump refused to allow Acosta to ask his question, finally telling him, “Be quiet. I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news.”

CNN has been clearly anti-Trump during the campaign and their latest fake news, reporting unsubstantiated bullshit (see RT report, below) from discredited Buzzfeed, may likely have the network banned from White House press conference’s until President Trump wants them to return, if and when that ever happens. Good job, Mr. President, handling CNN like a boss!

From RT

President-elect Donald Trump called BuzzFeed a ‘failing pile of garbage’ over the report that Moscow has been blackmailing him over past sex adventures in Russia. He also refused to answer a question from CNN, another outlet that published the report.

“Be quiet. I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news,” Trump told CNN reporter Jim Acosta at the press conference in New York on Wednesday, where he announced transferring the company to his sons to avoid conflicts of interest.

On Tuesday, CNN reported that a memo claiming that Russia had compromising materials on Trump was shared with the outgoing president and the president-elect by the US intelligence community.

Later in the day, Buzzfeed News published the entire set of memos, which were purportedly “prepared for political opponents of Trump by a person who is understood to be a former British intelligence agent.” The dossier had been circulating among elected officials, journalists and the intelligence community for weeks, according to Buzzfeed’s Ken Bensinger.

Included in the report was the accusation that Trump has “personal obsessions and sexual perversion,” including for graphic sex acts.

“It is disgraceful” that the US intelligence agencies allowed the two-page report that was “false and fake and never happened” to be made public, Trump said of the report published by BuzzFeed, which he called a “failing pile of garbage.”