By Thomas Madison

Breaking his silence via Twitter for not defending Barack Hussein when an audience member called Hussein a Muslim, The Donald emphatically declared that he has no moral obligation to defend Barack Hussein when someone says something bad about him, which happens many times a minute worldwide.

Critics, mainly from the left, and the mainstream media, which is the official propaganda department of the Democrat Party, are not slamming Trump for what he said, but rather what he didn’t say. Bizarre! The pundits claim that Trump should have defended his mortal enemy, Barack Hussein, against the attack of a birther audience member, as did John McCain in 2008 when a lady from the audience suggested that Barack Hussein is a Muslim. There is MORE than enough evidence to support the claim, by the way.

There are key differences between Donald Trump and John McCain. The Donald is a patriot and a self-made bazillionaire, who made a fortune despite government interference. John McCain is a washed-up has-been and career parasite, who has never held an honest job and was facing prosecution and potential execution for rendering aid and comfort to the enemy during the Vietnam War. It took President Richard Nixon to stop the prosecution. Big difference between Trump and McCain!

Has anyone heard Barack Hussein mention a single word in defense of Donald Trump as he is being keel-hauled by the media? I didn’t think so! Just how much moral responsibility does Donald Trump bear for supporting the individual he is trying to unseat? None! Nada! Niente! Zip! Zilch! Zefuckinro!

The good news is that if this is all the progressive weenies can come up with to damage Trump, then he should sail smoothly all the way to the White House.